About EIC Technologies Inc.


The company was founded in 1989 by its President, Mark Daves. Initially started as an environmental and safety consultant services company, it was later transformed wholly into an environmental contractor services company specializing primarily in the UST market and HAZMAT soil cleanups. As with market changes, the company would later undergo an additional change to add industrial cleaning services to it's list of services provided.


Today the company is a full service environmental and industrial cleaning services company. With respect to the environmental services, the company specializes in the transport and disposal of nonhazardous waste, HAZMAT response and cleanup, plant and equipment decommissioning, UST/AST closures and abatements, and Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) cleanouts/decommissioning


Why Use Us?

We have found that customers use us because of our professionalism and adherence to doing things the right way. We have a management team in place that ensures our workers are properly trained and equipped to do the job. Our management team has years of experience working their way up through the ranks to the positions that they hold thereby ensuring that the people in charge at EIC "know what they are talking about".