Emergency Response


emergency truck

EIC provides 24 hour emergency response for spills or production emergencies. All routine services and equipment are available on an emergency basis. Emergency response does not always mean after hours. In fact a large portion of our business is based upon providing vacuum trucks and water blasters for production emergencies during normal first shift hours.

successA call was received from a current customer regarding a clogged effluent waste water line from a food production facility. EIC dispatched two vacuum trucks to stand by and capture water while repairs were made to a collapsed portion of the pipe. After three days of around the clock service the repairs were completed by mechanical contractors. The plant continued running during this process loosing no production for the plant and employees received no lost time.

In the event of an emergency please contact the numbers listed below. Qualified EIC employees are on call and a team will be dispatched quickly.

Office: 502-964-9590