Success Stories


successA call was received from a current customer regarding a clogged effluent waste water line from a food production facility. EIC dispatched two vacuum trucks to stand by and capture water while repairs were made to a collapsed portion of the pipe. After three days of around the clock service the repairs were completed by mechanical contractors. The plant continued running during this process losing no production for the plant and employees received no lost time.

"Again, I appreciate all that you and your team has done for us througout this past year."

successOn August 4th 2009 the city of Louisville received 7" of rain in a very short period of time. The resulting flood waters damaged many historical buildings and shut down manufacturing plants throughout the city. EIC dispatched personnel with two tanker trucks at 10:00 pm to a large inner-city manufacturing facility. Our trucks pumped water from many pits into the early morning hours. On August 5th, EIC added two vacuum trucks and water blasters to assist with the clean up. We provided on-site storage for 160,000 gallons of water and provided personnel and equipment for nearly two weeks.

"Thanks again for all the help and getting out here so fast, we really appreciate it ! "

successAn emergency call was received from a customer at 8:00 pm requesting assistance with a spill 80 miles from our office. Product and trace amounts of diesel fuel had been contained in a culvert but storms were in the forecast. Runoff into nearby streams would have caused a serious impact on the environment and costly clean up. EIC dispatched our vacuum truck and personnel to the site within minutes. The spill was cleaned up and our personnel left the site just before the storms arrived.

"I think that everyone was pleased with yor work once again. I think you and your team will be who we use from this point forward. Good work !!!"

successEIC personnel were on the scene of a grease spill which had spilled over into a dangerous curve providing access to a plant. While performing the clean up we received a second similar call from a plant which had shut down for the holidays. This plant had also had an upset of a lift station spilling waste into the parking lot. EIC crews traveled the 20 miles between facilities and arrived at the second site at 6:00 pm. Finding only the security guard and two personnel in the facility we set up and cleaned up the spill with our high pressure hot water machines and vacuum trucks. It's hard to imagine two spills at once the day before a holiday but it's what we do.

"Thanks again Skip. I know I can count on you guys to help us out whenever we need it. It's great to work with people like you and your guys to get things done expedient and with all the hassle taken care of between you and your guys. You will always be on my speed dial, thanks for the good and hard work that you guys perform! Thanks again!"