Vacuum Truck Services

vacuum services from EIC

EIC provides vacuum truck services to food manufacturers, medium & heavy industrial facilities, municipalities, construction and mechanical contractors. EIC can provide 2,000 gallon "wet vacuum trucks", 14-16 cubic yard vacuum loaders (super vacs) and vacuum tankers. Our fleet is available for scheduled projects as well as 24 hour emergency response.

Vacuum Services Provided:

  • Tank Cleaning
  • Spill recovery
  • Drain & product line
  • Granulated solids recovery
  • Pit & sump clean out
  • Oil separator cleaning
  • Dust collectors/ bag house maintenance
  • Metal stamping & foundries
  • Plant closures & shutdowns

vacuum services from EIC

Tank Cleaning - 28" vacuum at 6000 CFM will reduce or eliminate the need to add water. Our vacuum trucks will save down time, increase efficiency and restore capacity. Eliminate exposure of your plant employees to confined space risks and costly training.

Spill recovery, drain & product line - EIC will respond to requests for response to spills, clogged product lines and drain lines. We clean lines from 4" to 36" in manufacturing plants as well as industrial & municipal waste treatment facilities.

Pit/sump/oil separators - We are experts at removal, transportation and disposal of non-hazardous and "special waste" sludges, liquids and solids from these sources.

Metal stamping & foundries - Our vacuum trucks provide the muscle needed to remove mill scale heavy lubricants and sludge from press pits. We can transport the waste directly from your plant to the disposal facility which saves you time and money.

Plant closures & shutdowns - EIC has the equipment and trained personnel to meet the needs of industry during closures and shutdowns. Whether your plant is down for 24 hours or 2 weeks, your industrial cleaning needs will be met with EIC.