Waste Transportation and Disposal

Waste Transportation and Disposal

Waste Transportation and Disposal services:

  • 5500 gallon vacuum tankers
  • Stainless transport tankers
  • 2000 gallon vacuum trucks
  • 10,000-20,000 gallon frac tanks

EPA Classified Nonhazardous or Special Wastes

EIC specializes in the transport and disposal of EPA nonhazardous waste liquids and solids. EIC utilizes a large national landfill disposal company to be able to offer disposal of liquids via various disposal treatment technologies. Liquid wastes dependent on specific waste characteristics and specific waste process origins can be disposed of through either direct landfill injection via a bioreactor process, solidification, and then landfilling, or through a chemical waste water treatment process. These various disposal options allow EIC to be both full service in the industrial liquid waste market as well as extremely competitive with other industrial waste disposal facilities.

EPA RCRA Hazardous Wastes

In addition to transport/disposal of EPA nonhazardous wastes, EIC can also arrange for the characterization, transport, and disposal of EPA RCRA hazardous wastes through our partnering or brokerage with various fully EPA permitted disposal sites.