Water Blasting

EIC can supply personnel and water blast equipment to meet customer needs on a routine or emergency basis. We utilize contemporary 10,000 PSI and 20,000 PSI machines at 10-12 GPM as well as state of the art machines producing 10,000 PSI with flow rates up to 45 GPM. This equipment can be used to remove coatings, linings rust and scale build up and obstructions without damaging equipment as with abrasive cleaning techniques.

Water blasting services:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Stacks & duct work
  • Municipalities
  • Distillation facilities
  • Property management
water blasting

Manufacturing facilities - Water blasting can be used to clean tanks, pits and sumps where material is set up or requires aggressive techniques to remove heavy solids. Our water blasters are also capable of jetting drain, waste water and product lines.

Stacks & duct work - Heavy build up in stacks and ducts can be a fire hazard as well as an environmental issue. EIC can jet vent stacks on paint lines, welding stations and industrial HVAC systems.

Municipalities - EIC has a long history of providing water blast service to municipalities in the area. We have the capability and experience to assist with refurbishing or repair of any size digesters, clarifiers and tanks utilized in a waste water system.

Distillation facilities - Our personnel are well versed in high pressure cleaning of condensing units, evaporators and chillers. Our equipment can remove the heaviest of build up with operating pressure up to 20,000 PSI.

Property management -Water blasting is often the most efficient means of washing large parking and warehouse areas. Floors can be cleaned rapidly to allow for quick rental of space. EIC can also jet drain lines in commercial buildings.